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Property Development Insights

Our Property Course FAQs

Welcome to our Property Development Course FAQs, your complete guide to the most common queries posed by our prospective and current course attendees!

At Property Development Insights, we know the value of transparency and accessibility to accurate information — the reason why we have compiled this comprehensive page. Whether you have questions about the course formats, curriculum details, or seminar length — you’ll find the answers here!

Explore the FAQs below to find the answers to your queries. If you need more information, or feel your question isn’t addressed, please reach out to us directly — we’re more than happy to help!

Course Details FAQs

Over two months, our Real Estate Development classes provide a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of property development — from sourcing and research to building and marketing.

The core modules include:

  • Course introduction and property markets.
  • Development rationale.
  • Acquisition process.
  • Market analysis and planning.
  • Funding options, due diligence and project management.
  • Feasibility, construction and holding costs.
  • Approval processes.
  • Structures, agreements, and sales.

For more detailed information on these modules, explore our Course Outline page.

Our Property Development Insights Course is a compact yet comprehensive curriculum delivered over eight weeks — with a one week break — by local property development industry experts in a unique small group setting.

Once a week, in-person attendees or online students participate in two-hour seminars.

Our Real Estate Development seminars give you the insight to make property improvement a success — including identifying hidden value, maximising profit, and minimising risk.

As an overview, it includes:

  • Trends — analysis of key property market fashions and directions.
  • Sourcing — assessing and securing appropriate development sites.
  • Research — undertaking pre-purchase due diligence.
  • Selection — managing suitable professional consultants.
  • Design — managing the design and development approvals process.
  • How to get funding for property development — assessing project viability, securing debt and raising equity.
  • Building — dynamic construction procurement options.
  • Project branding — marketing and managing the sales and/or leasing process.

For more detailed information on these modules, explore our Course Outline page.

Yes, you can comment and pose queries at appropriate times. You will also be able to discuss the development issues with other attendees.


Our Property and Real Estate Development Courses are offered twice a year.

To find out when you can join our next seminar sessions, check out our Upcoming Programme page.

At Property Development Insights, we limit the size of our classes to ensure one-on-one knowledge transfer. We partner with the leading names in the industry to bring you a superior curriculum that sets you up for a stellar career in the real estate field.

Phillip Hoare — qualified architect, seminar presenter, property advisor, and founder — has over 30 years of experience in development and investment projects valued in excess of $500 million, and is a director with a boutique Sydney-based development management firm.

Our small, personal, and interactive courses offer cost-effective training in real estate development — generating wealth by mitigating your risk and maximising your profit. Transparent information on costs can be found in our Course Pricing section.

Property Development Courses Online FAQs

Upon course registration in the Property Development Insights Course, online students will receive a code to access the webinar lecture series at the scheduled times.

As there is a limited number of students in the seminar lecture in a boardroom setting — online students can join the seminar, ask questions, and contribute to discussions using webinar software.

Yes, all students can see both the course presenter and the PowerPoint slide illustrated on the screen. You can comment, pose questions and raise discussion points at the appropriate time, as can the others in attendance.

Yes, the course founder, Phillip Hoare, will respond to your queries regarding the course series.

No, it’s exactly the same!

The online programme is a live course that you can access from the comfort of your home. It allows you to interact with the presenter and the attendee-in delegates throughout the course and explains the processes required to undertake projects through a series of lectures provided by expert professionals.

Attendees FAQs

From development novices to site owners, existing property developers to mortgage brokers — our course is valuable for anyone with an active or prospective interest in real estate development.

At Property Development Insights, we have crafted a flexible course that meticulously addresses a wide range of knowledge applicable to your experience and sector — yet with targeted, actionable skills that deliver real-world results.

Our boutique-style courses ensure maximum interactivity and direct, almost one-to-one guidance. This allows you to ask relevant questions and comment where and when required.

This is why we offer limited places on our Property Development Courses — six on our in-person course, and four on our online course.

Our attendees come from a wide range of backgrounds, professions, and sectors. Our Property Development Course is suitable for anyone who wants to discover how to mitigate risk and maximise profit in real estate.

In the past, our attendees have included:

  • Aspiring and novice property developers.
  • Existing development site owners.
  • Property development agents.
  • Mortgage brokers and consultants.
  • Architects.
  • Contractors.
  • Real estate owners.
  • Property investment clubs.
  • Overseas property investors.

Our Property Development Courses are designed to be empowering, valuable, and accessible. Unlike some programmes, we don’t believe in strict entry requirements. Instead, we focus on fostering the raw potential within you — all you need is a passion for real estate development.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer wanting to hone your skills, or a complete novice eager to learn — this course is for you. We’ll arm you with the knowledge and tried and tested tools to succeed in property development — irrespective of your background and qualifications.

You are provided with comprehensive presentation notes, and the course presenter is available to respond to all your queries about any missed sessions.

Registration and Support FAQs

For any queries about our Property Development Course in Sydney, complete our contact form, email us at, or call us on (02) 9432 7866.

For those attending in person, the Property Development Course Series is held at Miller Workspaces — 50 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW. This venue is conveniently located some two minutes’ walk from the North Sydney train station, or 10 minutes from the CBD or Chatswood by various bus routes.

The location is also minutes from Mosman, Neutral Bay, Pacific Highway and the M2 — with unmetered parking in the surrounding area.

Absolutely! We believe in the power of real-world results — not abstract theory. That’s why we’re proud to share testimonials from our satisfied attendees who have leveraged the skills and techniques from our Property Development Courses to achieve incredible results.

Check out our testimonials page and discover how our courses have empowered people like you to:

  • Transform property development dreams into reality.
  • Identify high-value opportunities and maximise profits.
  • Confidently navigate market challenges.
  • Forge a rewarding career in property development.

Simply head over to our registration page! Bear in mind that with only two courses per year — and limited spaces — it’s important to register promptly to avoid disappointment!

Students should be aware that the course offers a detailed overview of all aspects of the development process, but does not cover project-specific advice.

Should you require additional professional consultancy, Palladium Property, an associated professional development management firm, is available to assist on a fee basis.

Please refer to and email to directly contact Phillip Hoare.

General Property Development FAQs

According to research, the average annual salary for an Australian property developer is $130,319.

Property development can be a remarkably profitable venture in Australia — but it’s crucial to have a realistic understanding of the market and its inherent risks. However, by mitigating threats and making thoughtful strategic decisions — you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Our Property Development Course gives you the knowledge and skills to expertly navigate the complexities of the Australian property market — learning from some of the leading players in the real estate sector with a proven history of success.

The most successful real estate developments are commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use. All of these sectors are included in our Property Development Course.

There are a multitude of financing options for real estate development. The most popular include high-street bank loans, private lenders, joint ventures, and asset leverage.

Our Property Development Courses explore numerous options, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Development risks exist where you could possibly lose money on a property investment.

Common threats include:

  • Market fluctuations.
  • Construction delays.
  • Planning issues.
  • Budget overruns.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Shortage of skilled labour.

Our Real Estate Development seminars guide you through navigating and mitigating these risks in order to maximise profits.

Depending on your circumstances, project type, and ownership structure — real estate developments may be subject to income and capital gains taxes. It’s advisable to consult a tax professional for detailed information.

Industry publications, property reports, attending relevant events, and naturally, registering for our Real Estate Development Course will keep you informed of market regulations, trends, and opportunities.

Property Development Insights

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