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  • Live online course
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  • Interact and ask questions
  • Includes lecture notes
Property Development Insights

Exclusive Online Property
Development Course in Sydney

Our Property Development Courses online provide existing real estate owners, consultants and aspirant developers a comprehensive insight into the property development industry.

Running concurrently with our in-person programme, this live course allows you to interact with the presenter and the attendee-in delegates throughout the course — from the convenience of your home.

Our industry experts explain the processes required to undertake projects — from inception to completion — in the residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use sectors.

The upcoming online property development course includes a comprehensive syllabus spanning eight weeks of two-hour seminars — empowering you to maximise your profit and minimise risk. 

An Easy, Exciting Opportunity — the Best Online Real Estate Development Courses

Property Development Insights’ course benefits real estate developers, site owners, and finance brokers and consultants — who may not be able to attend the face-to-face seminar course lecture.

Participants enjoy live webinar access to the presenters, extensive course study materials, and receive an in-depth set of lecture notes prior to each of the eight course seminars. The online programme is executive in nature, and limited to a maximum of four participants.

Why Choose an Online Property Development Course?

With only six places on our in-person course, our online programme allows you to participate in our real estate development classes — yet receive an identical level of instruction and depth of information as our on-site attendees.

  • Comprehensive curriculum — following the same syllabus as our in-person course.
  • Live interaction — comment, discuss, and question expert lecturers and attendees in real-time.
  • Proven top-tier experts — receive instruction from leading players in property development and associated sectors.
  • Lower cost and more convenience — no travelling, parking, or child care expenses.
  • Review — rewatch online seminars to solidify your grasp of complex concepts.
  • Support — if you miss a seminar, or need more clarification on a property concept, you can email Phillip Hoare.
  • Ongoing advice — if you require specific professional consultancy, Palladium Property, a partner firm, can assist on a fee basis.
  • Value — complete the course empowered with the knowledge you need for property development success.

Our Online Property Development Course Curriculum

Whether you’re an aspirant property developer wishing to begin a new and exciting career, or an established site owner wanting to optimise your skills — you will benefit from our programme.

Our online course provides you with the knowledge of the various stages, opportunities and challenges of real estate development from concept to completion, including:

  • Research and analysis of key property market trends.
  • Sourcing, assessing and securing appropriate development sites.
  • Undertaking pre-purchase due diligence.
  • Selecting and managing suitable professional consultants.
  • Managing the design and development approvals process.
  • Assessing project viability.
  • Securing project funding.
  • Construction procurement options.
  • Project branding and marketing.
  • Managing sales and/or leasing process.

Our course aligns seamlessly with key industry tasks, equipping you with the foundational skills to thrive in any real estate career.

Why We Deliver the Best Online Real Estate Development Courses — Our Expert Presenters

Led by Phillip Hoare, a seasoned director and property development manager with a boutique Sydney firm, this course delves deep into real-world scenarios. Through online interactive lectures and case studies, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge from a team of experts, including:

  • Experienced lawyer — navigate real estate legal complexities.
  • Environmental scientist — ensuring your projects are environmentally responsible.
  • Valuer — master project valuation and feasibility analysis.
  • Development finance advisor — identify, secure, and manage financing.
  • Property Development Manager (Phillip Hoare) — discover best practices from a powerhouse in real estate development.


Upon course registration in the Property Development Insights Course, online students will receive a code enabling access to the webinar lecture series at the scheduled times. As there is a limited number of students in the seminar lecture in a boardroom setting, as with the students attending in person, online students will be able to join the seminar, ask questions and contribute to discussions using webinar software.

You are provided with comprehensive presentation notes, and the course presenter is available to respond to all your queries about any missed sessions.

Yes, all students (online and in person attendees) will be able to see both the course presenter and the PowerPoint slide illustrated on the screen. Students can comment, pose questions and raise discussion points at the appropriate time as can the others in attendance.

Yes, the course founder, Phillip Hoare, will respond to your queries regarding the course series.

Yes, you can comment and pose queries at appropriate times. You will also be able to discuss the development issues with other attendees.

Students should be aware that that course offers a detailed overview of all aspects of the development process, but does not cover project-specific advice.

Should you require additional professional consultancy, Palladium Property, an associated professional development management firm, is available to assist on a fee basis. 

Please refer to and email to directly contact Phillip Hoare.

For more information, see our FAQs page

Property Development Insights

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