Reputable Real Estate Resource in Sydney for:

  • Aspiring Property Developers
  • Development Site Owners
  • Property Development Agents
  • Finance Brokers and Consultants
Property Development Insights

Reputable Real Estate Development Resource in Sydney

The team at Property Development Insights is proud to offer extensive experience and education through our real estate investment and property development course. Learn more about our professional clients who gain so much from our course.

Aspiring Property Developers

You have been considering or undertaking property development for a while but need some detailed direction on how to maximise returns and mitigate risks. You require general guidance on identifying the best site within demographic and market trends, undertake due diligence before purchase and strategically negotiate to ensure the best price and terms. You want to learn how to select and manage the right consultant team, optimise the project design to meet market demand and expedite approvals and funding. You want to further your knowledge of pre-sales and pre-lease properties as well as appointing the best project builder. You wish to hear from experienced professionals and specialised consultants and learn from case studies.

Development Site Owners

You own or control a residential, mixed-use or commercial development site and want to learn more about maximising returns and minimising risks. You are interested in using demographic and market trends to your advantage for negotiating and securing the adjacent site. You are also eager to find and manage a strong consulting team and achieve an exciting project design that appeals to the market. You need to know more about speeding up the approval and funding processes and choosing the right project builder. You are excited about the opportunity to look at case studies and learn from professionals with years of experience.

Property Agents, Finance Brokers and Consultants

You are an agent, architect, builder, finance broker or lawyer who wishes to increase your fees through a comprehensive understanding of the development process. The more you know, the more value you can add to your clients and projects. You wish to learn from top professionals in the field and have access to their expertise at a later stage.

Benefits of our Property Course

Our real estate training development course is strategically designed for maximum learning outcomes. We have experience in both the educational sector and property development, allowing us to construct the ideal course for you.

  • Exclusive Real Estate Training Series limited to 6 persons maximum
  • Series by a part-time university lecturer with 25 years’ experience managing over $500 million of projects in NSW, Australia
  • Expert guest presenters
  • Convenient location
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Network opportunities over refreshments and lunch
  • Certificate of Seminar Programme completion
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points available*

Point entitlement available on completion as per the Property, Stack and Business Agents Act 2002, and other professional institution requirements.

Can't Make Our Course in Person?

We offer an interactive and live online course for those who can’t attend in person.

Property Development Insights

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